Connecting to the Totle WebApp via your Trezor Hardware Wallet:

Don’t have a Trezor Wallet? Pick one up here (always make sure to navigate to the official Trezor site, and beware of phishing sites).

  1. Set up your ledger wallet as per the instructions 

2. Unlock your wallet via Trezor using your pin and head to 

3. Make sure your wallet is unlocked, and click ‘Connect to Trezor’ on the Totle App Website.

4. When prompted to ‘export your private key’ click ‘export’ 

5. You’re now ready to start trading on Totle! 

*NOTE To interact with decentralized applications like Totle using your Trezor Wallet, you’ll need Ethereum in your wallet.

More FAQs can be found in the Totle Help Center, and of course reach out to us via Telegram or at

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