Totle is the most reliable decentralized finance (DeFi) asset aggregator in the industry. We connect over twelve decentralized exchanges and synthetic asset providers to access deep liquidity and the best pricing for DeFi assets. On top of having the most competitive pricing and the widest selection of supported asset pairs, we strive to have the highest transaction success rate to offer customers a consistent and smooth experience.

Totle Swap

Use the Totle Swap interface to purchase tokens at the best pricing available. 

Users can acquire popular assets, tokens that passively earn interest in your wallet, tokens that represent leveraged positions, and much more. Totle has zero fees while in Beta. 

Get started by visiting Totle Swap.

The Totle Widget 

Copy and paste a snippet of code into your HTML to instantly add aggregated token swaps to your website. Earn fees, pre-select the tokens you want to have swappable, and track your Totle Widget activity. 

Add swaps the best price to your site with the Totle Widget

The Totle API

The Totle API is designed for developers to easily start building aggregated exchange functionality into their products. The API can used to:

Exchange tokens
Any ERC-20 token can be converted into another ERC-20 token. Totle determines the best combination of providers to acquire the best price. 

Send Payments
Users can send tokens to a specified address. Additionally, Totle allows users to execute a swap and payment in a single transaction to simplify the user experience. 

Access DEX Data
Access real-time and historic on-chain trade data for the top decentralized exchanges.

For more information see our documentation.


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