Totle aggregates multiple decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to maximize your access to liquidity. We leverage a suite of smart contracts to route orders through optimal paths to automatically acquire the best prices for you.

The Totle API

The Totle API is designed for developers to easily start building exchange and payment functionality into products. The API can used to:

Exchange tokens
Any ERC-20 token can be converted into another ERC-20 token

Send Payments
Users can send tokens to a specified address

Accept Any ERC-20 Token
Receive the ERC-20 token of your preference regardless of the type of ERC-20 token that’s sent 

Access DEX Data
Access real-time and historic on-chain trade data for the top decentralized exchanges

For more information see our documentation at

The Totle Portfolio Management dApp

Manage your ERC-20 portfolio in one place. Adjust the asset allocation of your portfolio with an intuitive interface. The Portfolio Management dApp can be used to:

Rebalance Holdings
Easily reallocate your wallets funds to increase or decrease the proportions of your positions

Track Progress
Keep track of your trading activity to assess growth and guide your trading strategy

For more information see our trading support section at


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