Don’t have the Trust Wallet App? Download it for iOS and Android.

  1. If you are a new user it will ask you to create a new wallet or you can import a wallet

2. Copy your seed phrase down, you also have the option to store or send to another location.

3. Verify your recovery phrase by tapping the words in the correct order.

4. Once you’ve confirmed your recovery phrase, click done.

5. Navigate to the Browser tab in the app.

6. You can find Totle under Exchanges, click on the logo and you’ll be automatically taken to the Totle App in the Trust wallet browser.

7. Navigate to the DApps tab on the app. You can find Totle under Popular Apps or by using the Explore function. Bookmark us!

8. Click on visit to be launch the app in the browser.

9. You’re now ready to start trading on Totle!

*NOTE To interact with decentralized applications like Totle using Trust Wallet, you’ll need Ethereum in your wallet.

More FAQs can be found in the Totle Help Center, and of course reach out to us via Telegram or at

Happy Trading!

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