I don't see a token that I would like to trade on the Totle platform but it's on an exchange, how do I submit a request for a token listing and what are the criteria?

The main criteria we use when adding is if it is listed to one of the DEX's we support, as well as volume and demand.  Pass along our token addition form to the devs or community manager, all are welcome to fill it out! 

For now there are no fees associated with listing a token.

Submit a token listing request: https://totle.typeform.com/to/ZHgH34

How do I enable a token for selling? 

You will need to enable tokens that you wish to sell. This is done by using part of the ERC-20 standard known as Token Allowance. 

You do not need to enable the token allowance to buy a token, only to sell it. 

To enable a token you must send a transaction to that specific token contract. This means each token requires its own transaction to be enabled, so you will not be able to enable them all at once. 

You will need a small amount of ETH in it to pay for transaction costs when enabling tokens. 

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